Aug. 19, 2022 - App Roundup

Too busy to keep up with the news? Here's what you may have missed in apps and productivity this week.

Aug. 19, 2022 - App Roundup

Too busy to keep up with the news? Here's what you may have missed in apps and productivity this week.

🔍 Microsoft Loop Leaks

FireCubeStudios unearthed Microsoft Loop screenshots on a URL that was likely not intended to be live. Francesco D'Alessio has a fantastic video walkthrough of the full leak on his Keep Productive channel.

11,000 views and counting. Folks must really be itching to get their hands on this one.

📆 Superhuman Begins Rollout of Calendar Support for Outlook Users

And Superhuman CEO Rahul Vohra teases more to come:

🗒️ Height Adds Form Duplicaiton and Other Improvements

Project Management app, Height, a tool we've had our eye on, added some quality of life improvements this week. From their release notes.

Duplicate task forms

Make a copy of an existing task form to set up new forms faster than ever.

Reopen (or don’t!) completed tasks when linked to a new PR

Choose whether you want completed tasks to be reopened when linked to a pull/merge request from the GitHub and GitLab integration settings pages.

More at

💰 Browser Company Announces $15 million in New Funding

Miles Kruppa of the Wall Street Journal reports that The Browswer Company, makers of the Arc browser, has secured new funding:

The Browser Company this month raised $15 million in a round of funding led by Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger that included Shopify, Inc. CEO Tobi Lütke and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, valuing the nearly three-year-old company at $350 million.

I've kicked the tires on Arc and, while it's compelling, I'm not ready to leave Safari, which I (largely) trust to keep my browsing secure and seems to take up the least amount of system resources.

But I'll keep checking in on Arc and hopefully this new round of funding means they'll be around for a while.

📶 37Signals Promotes Tweaks to Basecamp and HEY

From Jason Fried on Twitter:

NEW in Basecamp: Now you can Boost individual Campfire and Ping lines. Besides having space for bit of fun, it also cuts way back on notifications for a quieter, calmer experience for everyone in Basecamp. Boosts don't increment unread counts, or send notifications.

And for HEY:

Now you can organize emails you’ve Set Aside into groups at the top of the list. Groups are a great way to keep track of bills-to-pay, confirmations for your upcoming trip, or receipts for your expense report — just drag and drop!

We're fans of Basecamp, but we switched away from their apps because they are too mouse dependent. Our full writeup is here: New in Basecamp: Still Too Many Clicks.

💼 Job Alerts

Superlist and Basecamp have open positions available.

🧰 On Focus Tools This week

And from our archive: The New Twist: Feature Requests and Wishlist

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