The Cortex Subtle Notebook - First Impressions

The Cortex Subtle Notebook - First Impressions

Yes, it’s good. It’s early days, but this may end up being my all time favorite notebook. The highlights:

  • feltish rubbery cover ( please tell me what this material is if you know), that strikes just the right notes of durability, grip and smoothness
  • the lay flat binding does what it’s supposed to do: lays flat
  • pre-numbered pages
  • perforated corners for easy bookmarking
  • other than the page number, each page is just a grid of dots, there’s no extraneous line separators

All testing was done with my new go-to pen: the Pentel EnerGel Liquid Roller, black 7mm ink.

You can order one for yourself here. Oh, and I made a video about the Subtle Notebook here.

[UPDATE] It's polyurethane.