Where Art Tweetbot?

It’s been eight months since Tweetbot’s last update, and Tapbots, the app’s developer, has been conspicuously silent when asked on Twitter about future releases.

On the one hand, it makes sense. Can one blame Tapbots for not investing resources into a Twitter client, as Twitter itself is embroiled in epic legal proceedings and something (most of us have just learned of for the first time) called chancery court?

On the other hand, they switched to a subscription model coming up on two years ago. I’m a believer in app subscriptions and providing ongoing revenue to the markers of apps I depend on.

However, there is an implicit, and often explicit, agreement that the app will stay in active development. What that means is a bit fuzzy, though.

I’m not sure what the right mix of updates, new features and communication is for a subscription-based business. But, it does feel like Tapbots is on the wrong side of the equation here.

Incidentally, buzzy (in some circles) new Twitter client, Spring, is packed with features that are noticeably absent from Tweetbot, including notifications for likes.

I’m not sold on Spring but I’d like to hear a little more than crickets from Tapbots.